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Now is a fantastic time to become a member of our illustrious Institution.

If you believe believe in our principles of promoting the Reformed Faith and giving allegiance to the monarch and our constitution - then we welcome you!

Loyal Orange Institution of Scotland - Dan Winters Cottage Armagh Northern Ireland
Our History
The Loyal Orange Institution was formed in September 1795, following the battle of the Diamond near Loughgall in County Armagh.

This was the culmination of numerous aggressive attacks against the beleaguered Protestant community in the area. Their lives were threatened and their homes ruined, in particular, by a Roman Catholic society called the 'Defenders'.

On the evening of the battle, Protestants of all denominations of the Reformed Church, united into one organisation to preserve their way of life and uphold the principles of the Reformed Faith by forming an 'Orange Society' for their mutual defence.

The Orange Order is now a worldwide Protestant fraternity which exists in nine countries throughout the globe. The Loyal Orange Institution came to Scotland in 1798.

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