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Scottish Orange Home Fund

Our History

The Scottish Orange Home Fund was established in 1978, however, the concept of this “good cause” was first born several years earlier when a number of Orange Sisters returned from a successful trip to Canada where they had been so touched by the benevolent work being done by the Canadian Order for their members. Taking inspiration from what they had learned in Canada, their dream was to replicate this in Scotland by providing care and compassion for our senior members here. 

This group of Sisters and Brethren started fundraising and set up the charitable cause which for some years was known as The Ladies Orange Home Fund which was undoubtedly the forerunner to the Charity we know today as the Scottish Orange Home Fund. 

During these early years the Ladies Association raised many thousands of pounds but with rapidly escalating costs and forever changing legislation, their dream of opening a care home, was rapidly slipping away.  The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland saw great merit in what the Ladies were working towards and in 1978, Grand Lodge joined forces with the Ladies Association, applied for Registration for Charitable Status and the Scottish Orange Home Fund was born.

From its inception, the purpose of the Charity has developed, from originally offering a weeklong holiday for senior members only, to us now being able to offer respite breaks for those members, senior or otherwise, who really need a little help. We are also able to include younger members and those with families who may not otherwise, be able to enjoy a family holiday. 

Today, the charity owns 3 beautifully appointed holiday facilities, 2 on the East Coast in the fishing village of Port Seton and one in the small west coast village of Wemyss Bay, on the Firth of Clyde. For 30-32 weeks in the year, you will find them all fully utilised by members enjoying a special time with their loved ones. 

If we were to be asked for a “Mission Statement” for our Charity, we would say that we exist to “Show care and compassion to our fellow members, especially those who may be experiencing health issues or difficult times, those less able or those perhaps not quite as fortunate as others, by giving them the opportunity to recharge their batteries, to recuperate, or simply to enjoy a peaceful, restful break or a much needed family holiday”.

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