Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland

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Jim McHarg

Grand Master of the

Orange Order in Scotland

Jim McHarg



One of the most significant areas of Orange work is devoted to helping others through our charity work.  Each year, Lodge members raise thousands of pounds for good and worthy causes.

The money helps people from all faiths and backgrounds.



Contact us for details on joining the Orange Lodge in Scotland.  We have active Lodges right across Scotland and we are always looking to welcome new members.

Dec/Jan edition of our

in-house magazine

The Torch’, is out now!

Contact us for subscription



The Orange Order is the oldest and biggest Protestant Christian fraternity in Scotland. We are an organisation of people bonded together to promote the ideals of our faith.

In promoting our own beliefs, we fully support the rights of others to hold different views and to follow their own faiths.


Our organisation is now in its third century.  We have been an established part of Scottish life and culture long before the formation of most of the political parties in Scotland.

Whilst the Orange Order is known for its parades, the organisation is involved in so much more than that.

We hope you will find out a little more about us from this website and we hope you find your visit here interesting and enlightening. We also hope you will visit us often, for this site will be regularly updated and renewed.